Hiking and wild cooking course in Chartreuse

Duration : 2 days

France, Northern Alps

Level : beginner

from 160 € / p. from 3 to 6 persons

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During rides (very easy walks) in the Chartreuse Massif, you will learn some techniques of determination to recognize the local edible species (plants, fruits, mushrooms) and harvest what to cook.

We will make our bread, and cook together an evening meal from the pick of the day ... The opportunity to discover new species, new flavors, share recipes, ...

From picking to plate, come and enjoy the wild flavors of autumn!


  • Learn to identify edible species in the wild, know their virtues and use in history.
  • Valuation of plants, fruits or mushrooms, cooking from harvests: preparation of syrups, wines, strawberry jams, rose hips, fried mushrooms, hazelnut and nettle seeds cookies, ...
  • Go home with its blackberry wine, walnut wine, syrup, wild fruit jam, and some good recipes!

The price includes

  • Saturday dinner, Sunday breakfast and lunch (cooked together)
  • Supervision by the hiking guide

The price does not include

  • Saturday lunch


Contact me: several options in Sarcenas.

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Infos & Booking