Multi pitch rock climbing route in Presles, Vercors, Buoux, Chartreuse...

Duration : 1 day

France, Northern Alps

Level : from beginners to confirmed

from 150 € / p. from 1 to 3 persons

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Are you interested in climbing a multi pitch route, alone, or with 1 or 2 other people?

Do you fancy climb a summit, find yourself at the top of a cliff and go down in rappelling or by a trail?

So come try the adventure of climbing a multi pitch route. Whether it is 3 piches or more, I will be your guide!


The choice of route is determined together based on your experience and practice.

The possible places are multiple: cliff of Presles, Chartreuse, Vercors, Buoux, etc.

The price includes

  • Supervision by the rock climbing instructor
  • Loan of equipment (helmet, harness, rope, quickdraws)
Number of people 1 2 3
Price per person 200€ 180€ 150€

The price does not include

  • Transport
  • Climbing shoes
Next departures :

No scheduled departure, bu you can contact me to book your dates.

Infos & Booking