Camel trek in the great eastern erg from Ain Sbath to Djebil

Duration : 8 days


Level : quite good hikers

from 1280 € / p. from 7 to 15 persons

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Go for 5 unforgettable trekking days, in conscious and Afghan walk, crossing the great Eastern Tunisian Erg from Ain Sbath to Djebil!

Between the breathtaking sunrises and sunsets, the pace of the caravan remains the same: the fresh bread, prepared at each meal by your cook, your camel team that loads your luggage on the dromedaries and you go in this ocean of golden dunes following your guide, to the west, carried by the rhythm of the conscious and the Afghan walk, listening to the song of inner silence. In the middle of the erg, large steppes are home to important wildlife and you may be lucky to see gazelles ...

And if instead of an "as usual" eve, you woke up in the desert, moment by moment, during those few days out of time? This in order to live fully the two dimensions of our Being: the Existential and the Essential.

On the horizontal plane of existence, you can live a passage to a new year leaving the old to open you to the new, reducing unnecessary baggage: what do you want to lighten, what are the blockages that hinder your aspirations and that you will let go?

Helped by the journey lived in full consciousness and the song of the silence, it is naturally that this transition towards the new horizons of the new year will be done in the lightness.

In terms of essentials, it will also be possible to contact and let emerge this part of you that is out of time and who has nothing to do with these stories of your wishes for the new year because it is already perfect: your Essential Being!

The dimension of your soul is revealed spontaneously if you give him the opportunity to do so.

To let this emerge, accessing to moments without thoughts is the key to approach this eternal part of yourself. Apart from the conscious and the Afghan walk, the evenings with our camel friends will accompany your intentions for the new year. The inner silence to which the desert invites you will also be your anchor to be there, fully awake in the present moment.

Sophrologist and hiking guide, I design hiking and trekking in France, the Himalayas and the Sahara for over 35 years. I share an approach to hiking that increases the happiness of walking and provides regeneration and revitalization superior to many other sports activities, while making an interior path rich in discoveries.


D1: arrival in Djerba.
Reception and assistance at the airport. Transfer to the hotel in Djerba or Douz depending on flight arrival time, basic accommodation in a double room.

D2: Douz-Djebil.
Early departure for Douz: you cross the mountainous region of Matmata and arrive at the oasis of Douz. Short break in the souks of Douz (½h) then transfer to the Djebil Massif in the erg, to join our camel team that awaits us in the middle of the dunes. First Saharan lunch, and after tea departure of the caravan for a short hike, then installation of the first camp at the end of the day.
Djerba-Douz: 4h drive (230km), Douz-Jbil Massif: 2h30 drive (80 km), then 2h walk (7km).

D3 to D7: five days of hiking with the nomads. Everything is combes and dunes. The plateaus serve as benchmarks for the day as well as the wells where you sometimes find the nomads and their herds. On the 7th day, you will leave the erg by Ksar Ghilaine to join Djerba. Overnight at hotel, basic accommodation in double room and dinner.
Daily positive elevation (dunes): 200m on average, 5h walk / day (20km).
Ksar Guilane-Djerba: 3h30 drive (220 km).

D8: transfer to the airport and return to France.

The itineraries are given as an indication. They can be modified according to the climatic conditions of the moment, the technical criteria or the physical condition of the participants. The guide remains the only judge of the program that can be adapted because of security requirements.

The price includes

  • Supervision leaves the hiking guide
  • Flights from Paris
  • Airport / hotel / airport transfers on days 1 and 8
  • On-site transfers by vehicle
  • Hotel accommodation on days 1 and 7 with dinner (in double room)
  • Full board from lunch of day 2 to breakfast of day 8
  • Organization of the camel trek from day 2 to day 7
  • Provision of 5 camels for carrying logistics for groups of 4 to 6 people, provision of a dromedary and more for each additional 2 people
  • Field logistics (tents, mattresses, floor mats, bowls, etc.)
  • Services of a chef-cook and a team of camel drivers: 1 camel driver for 3 camels at most from day 2 to day 7

The price does not include

  • Sleeping bags and the tent
  • Personal expenses
  • Tips
  • Saddle camels
  • All services not included in this program
  • Single room supplement
  • Meals in Djerba, lunches of days 1 and 8
  • Transfers and accommodation in case of withdrawal to the hotel or anticipation of the circuit
  • Cancellation and repatriation insurance


  • Djerba: hotel with shared room (the individual room supplement is applied to any person making the request and to the last registrant subscribing only in case of odd number in the group)
  • During the hike: 2 places tents or bivouac. Given the particular climate of the desert, the tents will always be planned (rain and sand possible)
  • Full board: meals prepared by our camel team, food purchased locally supplemented by products brought from France
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