Hiking course "Art of walking" in Savoie

Duration : 3 days

France, Northern Alps

Level : quite good to very good hikers

from 390 € / p. from 7 to 15 persons

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Beginners or confirmed walkers, discover during this training course "the Art of Walking" all the keys to succeed any trekking or hiking!

You will find here some keys, essential to better understand the objective of this stay taking place in Savoie:

1 - Walking is fun!
How to place each step on the ground to save and walk smoothly, being completely present at every moment of the walk.
Practices of the different rhythms in the walk: the breathing, the synchronization walking / breathing, the rhythms according to the ground, the capital importance of the nasal breathing in the effort but also in all the moments of the life. Vital energy contained in the air: Chi or Ki for the Orientals.

2 - Exercises on the Hara (gravity center of the body).
The difficult part of a trek can be lived differently and even become a pleasure! How to be comfortable downhill? Application of simple tips to be safe in steep ground.

3 - Perception of the present moment.
Importance of living in the moment to save energy. Importance of staying as receptive as possible instead of spending time talking but also naming everything that is perceived.
Using positive words instead of counting steps or energetic sounds with multiple benefits.

4 - Dynamic exercises to practice the morning before departure.
These simple exercises were developed by Raymond Abrezol, professor of Sophrology, pioneer of sports preparation using sophrology. First student of Caycedo, founder of sophrology, Raymond has to his credit more than 300 athletes awarded at the highest level!
In the evening at the refuge, the importance of recovery, key to a successful trek with hydration, sophrology, Korean relaxation ...

5 - Energizing relaxation and relaxation.
Discover a simple way to regenerate yourself by practicing the natural circuit of relaxation. In 30/35 minutes we retrieve as much energy as after 4/5 hours of sleep: very useful in long trips by plane, without possibility of really sleeping. Because we can practice lying down or sitting.

And again at the special request of trainees:

  • Tips for altitude treks. What factors can allow better acclimation to altitude? And those who, on the contrary, are factors that go against this acclimatization ...
  • Tips on the material. Some advice on the equipment to bring depending on the place where the trek takes place.


D1: Departure from the Tilleuls Center at 8:15am for people arriving the day before or meeting at 8:45am in Bassens, on the car park in front of the tennis courts, route de Vérel.
Before the start, dynamic exercises and warm-up.
Walking uphill to Montbazin (practice of the advice related to breathing and walking pace) for about 2:30 hours (interspersed with stops). Exercises on the "Hara", rooting on the ground.
Reminder: the purpose of this internship is not to go for walks, but to use the land to learn and practice the techniques and tools taught!
Snacks taken in the nature. Back to the car and the center of Tilleuls, and installation for those who have not arrived the day before.
Sophrology session. Shower and convivial meal.

D2: Breakfast, then short transfer by car (20 minutes) to "les Allemands". Goal of the day: climb to the passes of the Crucifix and Saint Michel, 600 meters of elevation gain to learn how to use hiking poles correctly and efficiently. As the day before, steep passages and practice advice on the management of effort, breathing, rooting of the feet on the ground, dynamic exercises, warm-up, briefing and debriefing.
In total 4 to 5 hours of walking. Snacks taken in the nature. Return around 5pm. Shower, introduction to Korean relaxation and convivial meal.
In the evening, slideshows presentating the great trips that I propose.

D3: After breakfast, transfer by car to a place conducive to the practice of Afghan walking and other walking rhythms.
Aim of the morning: revision of the rhythms of the "Afghan" or "rhythmic" walk. 2 hours of walking on flat and hilly terrain, a way of walking quickly on certain terrains without major efforts. Other breath rhythms related to walking.
Briefing and debriefing, dynamic exercises ...
Return to the center for lunch. Stretching, shower and hot meal. Questions / answers during the meal and at the beginning of the afternoon.
End of the internship around 2 / 3pm, according to train schedules (for those who arrived by train).

The price includes

  • Accomodation
  • Full board (from Friday lunch to Sunday lunch)
  • Supervision by the hiking guide
  • A book containing all the advice given during the internship (and written by myself)

The price does not include

  • Transports
  • Thursday evening meal + night + Friday morning breakfast for those who have chosen to arrive the day before (these additional services are to be paid directly to  the center)
  • Personal insurance
  • Drinks


Centre les Tilleuls in Ayn (Savoie).

Accommodation: in spacious dormitory with separate beds. The capacity of the center is greater than the number of trainees in order to allow a lighter installation!

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