Discovery of the Aosta Valley on ski touring

Duration : 5 days

Italy, Alps

Level : technical: beginner/advanced, physical: medium/advanced

from 310 € / p. from 1 to 6 persons

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This program aims to introduce you to the most famous places in the Aosta Valley.

So I propose 5 days for 5 outings in the most popular areas for ski touring:

  • Matterhorn - Monte Rosa
  • Grand Paradise
  • Mont-Blanc
  • Valpelline - Grand Saint Bernard
  • Central Valley

Our base camp will be the city of Aosta where you will be staying in a hotel or B & B.

All outings will be by the day (varying in difficulty depending on your form and your technical level) so that in the evening you can enjoy the spritz and typical dishes in nice restaurants in the city center.

We might also use the lifts to reduce the positive elevation or to get the good snow.

Of course one can envisage a reduced stay on 4, 3, 2 or 1 day.

Contact me for all types of information!

Number of people 1 2 3 4 5 6
Price per person 1650 € 825 € 580 € 440 € 370 € 310 €


We'll meet the day before to get to know each other, check the equipment and make a briefing to schedule the next day.

The program will be based on weather and snow conditions. Here are some ideas of possible destinations:

Monte Rosa Massif:

  • Valle Perduta: positive elevation 200m
  • Piramide Vicent: 955m
  • Gran Cima: 1455m
  • Pas superieur de Bettolina: 430m
  • Monte Croce: 1200m
  • Mount Facciabella: 790m

Matterhorn massif:

  • Western Breithorn: 715m
  • Fontana Fredda Point: 550m
  • Chateau des Dames: 1530m
  • Furggen pass: 1260m

Grand Paradise:

  • Gran Etret pass: 1190m
  • Sberna: 1550m
  • Gran Paradis: 2100
  • Entrelor: 1707m
  • Col Gollien: 830m
  • Arp Vieille: 1150m
  • Sigaro: 1000m
  • Tet du Ruitor: 1836m
  • Becca di Tos: 2000m
  • Pointe de la Pierre:  1200m

Valpelline/Gran St Bernard:

  • Mont Flassin: 1370m
  • Col Serena: 870m
  • Mount Paglietta: 920 m
  • Col Champillon: 1250m
  • Head of the vein: 1750m
  • Becca of the Rayette: 1744m
  • Tower of the Tza: 1350m

Mont Blanc:

  • Mont Colmet: 1350 m.
  • Col Croce: 780m
  • Mont Valaisan: 840 m
  • Tour of the Periads: 1050m (2 people max)
  • White Valley
  • Malatra pass: 1290m
  • tet entre deux Sauts: 1100m
  • Tete dei Fra: 1100m
  • Mont Fortin: 1100m

The price includes

  • Supervision by the mountain guide
  • Transport (by car, for 4 persons max)
  • Transceiver, showel, probe if needed

The price does not include

  • Accomodation in Aosta (for you only)
  • Diners (for you only)
  • After ski meals (for you and for the guide)
  • Skipass
Next departures :

No scheduled departure, bu you can contact me to book your dates.

Infos & Booking