Ski touring and sailing in Finmark (Norway's Lapland)

Duration : 13 days


Level : from intermediate to confirmed

from 4200 € / p. from 4 to 9 persons

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Come and ski in Norway beyond the Arctic Circle and take refuge in Kamak, a comfortable boat recently tastefully restored. In Finmark, the Norwegan Lapland, one of the northernmost place of Europe, you won't be overwhelmed by the crowds of all boats that operate the now too classic places of this ski-sailing paradise.

During this trip, which once again has nothing to do with what you can find elsewhere, we will look for the slopes and the most beautiful summits in every accessible area, thanks to a skipper and a mountain guide, both very experienced in their respective fields, one having sailed in the most unlikely places and the other being experienced in the most complex mountain explorations around the world...

Indeed, these fjords still contain some pretty places to explore in ski touring which will be again the most suitable and beautiful way to discover these last wild lands!

We just have to agree to move forward without more information than our desires and our ability to detect the best places, which certainly, will generate much more satisfaction than to follow a guide book or other tracks ...

I chose this time of year to reach the best compromise between different parameters:

  • Duration of stay adapted, allowing us to go further than the classic programs limited geographically because of their constraint of return.
  • Very long days leaving us time to accomplish great achievements but also to allow us good recovery phases.
  • No permanent day yet allowing us to see aurora borealis. We will have the leisure and time to fish back from the outingd or simply to admire the landscape while taking the aperitif.
  • Snow still present at sea level negating the phases of ski portages, very significant when skiing several days in a row.
  • Increased snow safety due to the transformation of the snow at this time of the season, but as this is not an absolute truth, it is of course necessary to adapt our ambitions day by day.
  • Technical level required in ski-mountaineering: ski in all snow / any ground, ascending elevation every day between 800 and 1400m. Realization of outings without glaciers but that may require the use of all techniques and equipment related to the practice of engaged ski mountaineering.


  • Duration: 11 days of ski touring (depending on weather and snow conditions).
  • Destination Airport: Bodo.
  • Departure airport: Tromso.

The price includes

  • All expenses related to the use of the boat: fuel, port taxes, etc.
  • Hearty food and quality full board, wine and drinks included to the extent of reasonable.
  • Supervision and preparation of the stay by the mountain guide.

The price does not include

  • Flights to Bodo and from Tromso.
  • Taxi and tranfers.
  • Spirits.
  • Personal expenses.
  • Anything not mentioned in "The price includes".


Next departures :

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