Hiking and fasting week in Presles (Vercors)

Duration : 6 days

France, Northern Alps

Level : sporty and healthy public

from 600 € / p. from 4 to 8 persons

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This special week has been asked several times by our sports customers accustomed to our place, ideally located in Presles in the Vercors Massif.

In short, this project has become natural. With Dominique, we practice fasting several times a year and we are always enthusiastic about the benefits it brings us. It is also a beautiful journey with ourselves each time, a suspended time that regenerates us. Here, on the top of Presles' cliff , with our cottages and our rooms, is the perfect place for that:

  • a place out of time in nature,
  • Dominique's passion for nutrition and his training in Chinese energy applied to reflexology,
  • quality speakers: hiking guides, masseuses, etc.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you want additional information or to register.

Maybe see you soon for a great adventure!


  • Hiking
  • Qi Gong
  • Massages
  • A reflexology treatment
  • Two reflexology self-massage classes
  • Rest
  • Great bowls of good mood without added sugar
  • Custom advice
  • Daily blood pressure measurement
  • Evaluation of your muscle and grease mass on your arrival and departure
  • A food descent and lift program
  • Many other little surprises

The price includes

  • Accommodation in shared room
  • 2 reflexology classes in self-massage
  • 1 treatment of 45 minutes in reflexology
  • Advice
  • One hour massage
  • The discovered sessions of Qi Gong
  • Daily excursions accompanied
  • Vegetable broths
  • Picnic and vegetables velvety for the day of the food recovery


Shared or individual room (extra: 50€) in our lodge Entre Ciel et Pierres.

Next departures :

No scheduled departure, bu you can contact me to book your dates.

Infos & Booking