"Plants and Virtues" hiking in Chartreuse (Isère)

Duration : 1 day

France, Northern Alps

Level : beginner

from 30 € / p. from 3 to 6 persons

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In the era of supermarkets, plants and their virtues (taste, nutritive or medicinal), are sometimes associated with obsolete knowledge vaguely esoteric.

This course / hike in the Chartreuse Massif offers to rediscover the riches that nature offers, learn to identify some edible or medicinal plants, their traditional use, and the one you can do in your everyday life.


  • 1-day hiking (easy) combining theory and practice (identification techniques of edible plants and virtues, ideas of associated recipes, ...).
  • The hour (approximately 9am - 4pm) and place of meeting (in Chartreuse) will be communicated at the registration.

The price includes

  • Supervision by the hiking guide

The price does not include

  • Picnic
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Infos & Booking