Meet the Kogis Indians of Colombia

Duration : 15 days


Level : easy

from 2780 € / p. from 5 to 10 persons

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Come and visit the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta in Colombia, the highest mountain in the world located at the edge of the sea. At the summit, the eternal snows culminate at nearly 6000 meters of altitude.

It is in this almost virgin nature that the Kogi Indians, descendants of the Tayronas people, a pre-Columbian civilization of South America, who created a real paradise on earth, live. When the "invaders" arrived, their culture almost disappeared under the repeated blows of the greedy and limitless in the exploitation of the soil Westerners.

But who are these people?
The Kogis Indians have taken refuge on the hard-to-reach heights of the Sierra in order to preserve the forest and all tspecies living there. They are the guardians of the Earth.


This trip that I propose with Michel Vincent is out of the ordinary! You have been selected for your sense of the field in the most spiritual sense of the term. There will be a demand of humility in our meeting with these territories.

The indigenous Kagabas (Kogis) do not occupy only a mountain. They live a place with the spirits of water, forests, rocks. They maintain a permanent link through prayer with Mother Earth and the cosmic sky. Women weave mochillas, men chew coca leaves with their poporos. Men and women work in the fields and nomadise on the mountain for their crops and exchanges between communities.

Civilized people are experienced as intruders. The Kogis are wary and keep a certain distance in view of the many abuses we have subjected them to for centuries of invasion and occupation.

Our approach will be the most respectful possible, without photos at first, without gifts except the notebooks and pencils that you can leave to the few teachers.

I offer you no certainty but the mystery and discretion of a respectful meeting as it can be offered to guests or visitors. I ask you to be more than just customers from where the minimum information that we offer you: you will have many moments of exchanges to enrich your approach.

Indicative program:

D1: Flight to Bogota.
Overnight in Bogota.

D2: Flight to Santa Marta.

D3: Rest - gold museum.

D4: Transfer to Palmor.

D5: Organization of the trekking.

D6 to D10: For 5 days we go to meet the Kogi villages Setay and Cherua through the foothills of the Sierra.
You can also discover the Lulo fruit (excellent!) and coffee plantations.

D11: Extra day to eventually do "more" according to the meetings!

D12: Return to Santa Marta.

D13: Flight Santa Marta - Bogota - France if the schedules are adapted.

D14: Arrival in France.

We also reserve the right to shorten or modify the planned stages or the accommodation whatever the causes (climatic conditions, complete accommodation ...). Depending on this, we will find the best compromise to meet these constraints, without harming the success of your stay.

The price includes

  • Return flight Paris-Bogota
  • Return flight Bogota-Santa Marta
  • Transport from Santa Marta to Palmor
  • Permit for the village of Setay
  • Permit for the village of Cherua
  • Housing, mattresses and hammocks
  • Local food
  • Discovery of plantations (lulo and coffee)
  • 4 mules for luggage
  • Supervision and training in the Art of walking by the hiking guide
  • An auxiliary guide
  • A native who will accompany us a few days

The price does not include

  • Insurances
  • Drinks
  • Personal expenses
  • Tips
  • Anything that is not mentioned in "The price includes"


  • Accommodation in lodge then tent or hut with hammock.
  • Classic catering (Western style) in the city and traditional one during the trekking
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Infos & Booking