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Partnership with CREA Mont-Blanc

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DirectMountain is a partner of CREA Mont-Blanc.

Based in Chamonix, the Research Center on Alpine Ecosystems is a research organization specialized in the study of mountain natural environments.

NGO -Non Governmental Organization- with non-profit and association status, CREA Mont-Blanc combines research excellence in ecology and knowledge sharing for more than 20 years. Hybrid structure between academic laboratory and field organization, numerous collaborations with scientific partners, pedagogical relays and territorial managers give CREA Mont-Blanc's innovation and sharing approach.

CREA Mont-Blanc's scientific and civic objectives revolve around three main axes: to marvel, explore and educate.

As a pioneer in participatory sciences and leader of the field, it not only wants to share knowledge and skills with the public but also and above all to directly involve it in the production of scientific knowledge and innovation. It is in this context that you can find scientific volunteering stays of CREA Mont-Blanc on DirectMountain.

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