“The Art of Walking: add wings on your shoes!”

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Danilo ZANIN

Hiking guide - Mountain bike instructor
Activities :
  • Hiking
  • Snowshoeing
  • Mountain biking
France / Northern Alps
Savoie, Chambéry


Here is a presentation of my approach:

"Consciously practiced, walking is probably the most regenerative act, the most accomplished corporal practice ever." (Yvan Amar)

The Art of walking that I have been sharing for over 25 years is not just about hiking, but much more!

This Art of walking that I created little by little, step by step, breath after breath, I early called it conscious walking because it was necessary to give it a name.

At the beginning of the 90s, I had the chance to discover the Afghan walking and I integrated it immediately because it is finally Pranayama in march. I share it differently insisting more on energy and Prana than on over-oxygenation only.

The rooting in the Hara that allows to descend all slopes without pain in the knees, safely and with a gentle euphoria, was already part of the Art of walking since 1988, when Michel Ricquier had shown it to me. I adapted it to hiking, it's one of the essential keys that literally transforms the way of walking.

This original approach to walking is both a true Art of walking, a very complete method, a meditation in action and finally a kind of Yoga of walking to also take a step towards oneself. Its benefits are innumerable on all plans, all trainees testify!

It also helps us to develop our attention, our Presence at the moment and also to let emerge this part of us that we call the observer, the witness. I often say that it is the association of the famous Carpe Diem and the no less famous "Know yourself" from the pediment of Delphi!

I want to emphasize that it is an extremely practical Art of walking, a real method, with essential keys to:

  • learn to walk smoothly on the earth, with less effort, fatigue, pain and more pleasure, whatever the type of ground (climb, descent, flat),
  • to learn to breathe better in order to get a lot of oxygen,
  • learn to go down safely and serenely through rooting in the Hara,
  • learn to tame the rhythms of the Afghan wlking and other breaths for significant regeneration,
  • learn how to make effective use of hiking poles, essential for hikes with ascending elevation,
  • learn to live the walk by being fully present, thanks to conscious walking with multiple benefits on all levels. It is a certain form of meditation in the action in the sense of fully enjoying all that we experience during the walk, without judgment, and as if it were the first time.

During days, internships, travels, I propose to experiment the conscious walk, the Afghan walk, a "work" on the Hara very useful for the descent, the Yoga of the sound ...

The days are so dense that I reserve for other courses learning to walk with sticks to go even more towards non-effort and happiness to walk on the less traveled trail, that of mindfulness!

I also propose trips in a spirit other than tourism and each trip is also a real training in the Art of walking, while also being a journey both inside and outside.

Among the destinations, the desert is the ideal place that allows us to live closer to the Essential. Spending a few days of traveling retreat is an unforgettable experience!

The Swiss TV came to film my approach of walking in May 2010 in Montségur and presented the 26-minute film as part of the program "Give me binoculars".

Sarah Pernig, the director has very well translated all what the Art of walking can be, with certainly more the very concrete side of the technical aspect but also on the other aspects, more interior and which go far beyond the frame of the walk (the film starts at 1mn 30):


If you are interested in this approach, I advise you to read my book "Je marche donc je suis", Mango editor.

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