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Canyoning instructor - Climbing instructor
Activities :
  • Rock climbing
  • Via ferrata
  • Canyoning
France / Northern Alps
Isère, Grenoble

For me the virus of climbing has arrived quite early, one of those viruses that makes you think of only one thing when you go home in the evening: climbing again!

Such that way I spent about fifteen years climbing, to mop on the right and left in order to discover even more beautiful placse and find a nice piece of rock to climb. So this is a life that was built around rock climbing, discovering new horizons, traveling, and naturally enjoying the aquatic environment and beautiful canyon descents.

After studies followed in Grenoble while continuing to practice, I decided to pass my rock climbing and canyoning instructor certification and to make my passion a job. Since 2011 it's my turn to make you discover those activities, to give you all that I can as much in climbing as in canyoning, and also in via ferrata.

A good boost was the creation of VERTIC'O. A structure built in 2013 with colleagues friends and that allows me to work all year long as a rock climbing instructor at the service of various associations in the Grenoble area. I also teach to the students of the University of Grenoble.

In the spring, we go climbing on the cliffs of the surroundings and we propose courses in climbing / canyoning on emblematic spots of France.

So maybe we will meet at the foot of a cliff or down a river, but in any case it is with pleasure if I can make you discover all this beautiful environment and beautiful nature!

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Loïc Pitulat,
Departure : Encadrement club

Xavier a beaucoup de bonne humeur et c'est agréable :)
Ceci étant, il ne néglige pas la sécurité. Il a su s’adapter rapidement à nos demandes et nos attentes.
Pour nous, il s'agissait du bon équilibre entre progression et plaisir.

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