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WEBU supports its clients in their internet strategy: design, production, promotion and development of their communication, sales and management tools...

WEBU's expertise is based on 3 axes:


  • WEBU assists its clients in their web strategy in order to evaluate the different opportunities and their relevance to the internet strategy, activities, resources, competitors on and off the web...
    A web project requires a step-by-step approach, each of which should bring an improvement to the organisation. The achievement of these steps is evaluated according to measurable criteria, which allows the web strategy to be adapted over time according to its results.
    The co-constructed strategy results in the delivery of a specification describing the web platform to be developed according to the needs and the promotion strategy to be implemented.
  • WEBU uses solutions based on free and collaborative technologies.
    This choice was made because these technologies perfectly meet the requirements of the clients (quality, scalability, flexibility, cost...) and the desire to make them autonomous and independent in the use of their website.
    The advantages for customers are scalability, independence, reliability and cost.
  • WEBU is a cooperative company that operates with the status of SCOP.
    A Cooperative and Participative Society (SCOP) is a limited liability company (SARL) or a public limited company (SA) in which the employees are also partners in the company. The SCOP is characterised by an equitable sharing of power and results between the employee-partners.
    All WEBU employees are offered, after a variable period of time, the opportunity to enter the company's capital to become a partner and thus responsible for the structure's choices. This mechanism of democratic control of the company allows for greater cohesion around the business project.
    For clients, it is the guarantee of having interlocutors who are attentive and concerned about their satisfaction and their needs, but also of having a sustainable and socially responsible service provider.


  • WEBU uses free development platforms.
    These are toolkits, chosen to support the client's approach to the web: WEBU has chosen to specialise in a very limited number of platforms in order to be efficient in terms of quality, development and support, while controlling costs.
    • Customised solutions are inexpensive and of high quality.
    • The web platform developed is scalable and can grow with the client.
    • The development process is "industrialised".
    • The client is free to change service providers: transfer of rights, free technologies.
  • The solutions implemented are tailor-made and scalable.
    The client's organisation is unique and so is the web platform:
    • Solutions are always based on a set of specifications co-written with the client.
    • The graphic charts are always unique and belong to the client.
    • WEBU adapts the web platform to the needs and objectives and not the other way around.
    • Support and training are provided according to needs and resources.
    WEBU advises its clients to think ahead in their web strategy but also to take a step-by-step approach to building their web platform.
    This step-by-step approach has many advantages:
    • User/customer feedback in situ.
    • A lower cost for the first step.
    • Faster production start-up.
    • Direct experience on the relevance of the platform to adjust it quickly and efficiently.
  • WEBU advocates the respect of web standards: W3C, WAI, RGAA.
    All web applications produced by WEBU respect web standards. These standards are established by the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium), which is an organisation responsible for defining standards for web-related technologies. This helps guide web technologies in a common direction, ensuring their long-term sustainability and the interoperability of the tools that use them.
    The benefits for projects are SEO optimisation, reduced maintenance and scalability costs, display speed and bandwidth, web accessibility, interoperability and portability, durability and backwards compatibility.


  • With these solutions, the client publishes his own content.
    All the development platforms used for the creation of websites have a "CMS layer" providing all the advantages and functionalities of a content management system, while allowing a very advanced customisation and evolution of the site thanks to a modular architecture.
  • The technical solution is free and the graphic design belongs to the client.
    WEBU systematically grants the technical and graphic rights for all web projects carried out, in order to guarantee total autonomy and full ownership of the solutions developed.
  • WEBU trains its clients in web concepts and techniques.
    The autonomy and independence of clients are central to WEBU's concerns. This is why our services are not limited to the creation and promotion of websites. The transfer of skills is also part of the "cooperative" philosophy, offering only tailor-made training courses that adapt to the specific problem and skill level.
    WEBU is an accredited training organisation whose courses are recognised by the OPCA.