Frequently Asked Questions

General information

General information related to the web site.

What is DirectMountain?

DirectMountain is a website that offers you many activities related to mountain in order to meet your expectations.

DirectMountain gives you quickly and easily all the useful information about these offers and the mountain professionals who propose them, so that you live unforgettable experiences!

Use of the web site

Issues related to the use of the web site.

How to get professional information?

From the profile page of a professional or from the page of an offer, just click on "VIEW EMAIL", "VIEW CELL PHONE NUMBER" or "VIEW PHONE NUMBER", then accept the ToU (first time only).

How do I reserve my place for an activity?

You have two options:

  • by clicking on the "INFO & BOOKING" button of an offer: fill in the form online, leave your contact details and the pro will recontact you to confirm your reservation,
  • or directly to the professional, by email or phone after clicking to get his contact information.


Issues related to the supervision by mountain professionals registered on the web site.

What activities can professionals supervise?

It depends on the certifications(s) they have. The table below details the links between supervised activities and certifications.

  Mountain leader Mountain guide Canyoning instructor Climbing instructor Ski instructor Caving instructor Mountain bike instructor Musher
Mountaineering   X            
Canyoning   X X          
Ice climbing   X            
Rock climbing   X   X        
Hiking X X            
Snow shoeing X X            
Mushing               X
Backcountry skiing   X     X      
Freeride skiing   X     X      
Caving           X    
Via ferrata   X   X   X    
Mountain biking X*           X  

*: if he/she has the mountain biking certification


Issues related to the professionals registered (or not) on the web site.

How to name the photos to improve SEO?

You have to give them an explicit name, which corresponds to the content of the picture.

For example, for the face picture: brad-pitt-rock-climbing-instructor.jpg.

Or for a photo related to an offer: gokyo-lake-khumbu.jpg, mont-blanc.jpg...

How to crop a face picture?

This photo must represent your face in order to introduce you to the visitors.

If you do not have a directly usable photo, you can crop your face from a larger photo.

Here's how to proceed:

1. Go to web site resizeyourimage.

2. Click on "Choose file" and select in your folders the image on which your face appears.

3. Use the arrows and buttons to define a more or less square area in which your face is centered.

4. If cropping is OK, click the "Resize" button.

5. The new image appears, click on "Save". Save it under a new name so you do not overwrite the original image.

6. Use this image as an avatar photo.

How to crop your introduction panoramic picture?

If you do not have a suitable panoramic picture, you can crop it on standard format picture (4/3 or 16/9).

Here's how to proceed:

1. Go to the site

2. Go to part 1: "Choose the output picture format :".

Click on the icon "JPG".

3. Go to part 3: "Select your image".

Click on "select your image" and select in your folders the chosen picture.

Click on the icon to see the "YES" from "I agree to the terms of use".

Finally, click on "Convert this image".

4. Define an area on the image that has one of the following criteria:

  • Dimension of 1920x252 pixels OR
  • A width/height ratio of about 7.6.

Then click on "Validate".

5. Click on "Download the image".

Save it under a new name so you do not overwrite the original image.

6. Use this image as an introduction panoramic picture.

How to compress an image in order to download it?

If the photos you want to use on your profile page or on your activities cannot be uploaded because they are too big, the solution may be to compress them.

Here's an online method to do this:

1. Go to

2. Click on "Select files" and choose the pictures you want to compress.

3. The size gained appears. Now you just have to save the new image by clicking on "Download". Be careful not to overwrite the original image.

What is the introduction panoramic picture?

This is the panoramic image that appears at the top of your profile page.

It is on this image that your slogan is written if you have one.

The presentation image can represent a landscape that you like or that you know well, one of the activities that you propose on the site, etc.

If you have a panoramic image you can use it as is.

If you take a picture in a standard format (4/3, 16/9 or other), only a center strip will be displayed.

And if you want to crop a picture better, go to the question "How to crop your introduction panoramic picture?" of this FAQ.