Advanced climbing course (Hautes-Alpes)

Duration : 4 days

France, Southern Alps

Level : from 6a/b to 7a/b leading

from 390 € / p. from 4 to 8 persons

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When it comes to climbing, sometimes all it takes is a little click, a word or a special moment to pass a technical or psychological milestone.

By evolving each day under the watchful eye of your guide / instructor, you have the opportunity during this advanced course to progress, to exchange and to test your limits. You learn every day, you discover your potential, and you are motivated by the group dynamics!

Each day, we seek to:

  • Take stock of your strengths and weaknesses, technical and/or psychological, according to your climbing objectives (climb more relaxed, concentrate, forget the rating, improve your strategy, develop your technique for more versatility, etc.).
  • Work on your weak points and have an approach to continue the progression in your personal practice.
  • Work on a route and improve your on sight climbing.
  • Know how to belay correctly and thus better understand and apprehend the fall.
  • Develop your movements and sensations by varying the supports and the efforts (slab, overhang, boulder, etc.).
  • Better understand the environment of the practice (choice of routes, quality of the equipment, etc.) for a serene climbing!

The follow-up is specific to each trainee, according to their expectations. The program is customized.

This course is also an opportunity to discover the beautiful climbing sites and landscapes of the Haut Val Durance, in the heart of the Hautes-Alpes department.

To evolve in your practice of the activity, why not go to climb together a multi pich route in Ailefroide, or initiate you to the climbing of multi pitch route, still in the Hautes-Alpes.


Here is an idea of the course of this "performance" week taking place in the Haut Val Durance, between Gap and Briançon. It is only given as an indication and is different for each course, depending on the climbers' expectations.

D1: Climbing, evaluations, exchanges, etc.
Meeting at the Eygliers hostel for a morning coffee and croissant.
Then first session on the school cliff to evaluate the skills and expectations of each climber, to exchange ideas, to remove rust and to review some basics...
We take the opportunity to review some safety basics: belaying, falls, communication, roping up, etc.

D2: Climbing day.
On the program of the day, lead climbing, top-roping, taking reference points.
We approach the reading of the routes, the strategy, the slackening, etc. And especially we have fun.

D3: Half day bouldering in Ailefroide.
Today you will discover a playground and an incredible support to progress, in a famous climbing spot.
We take the opportunity to play in some granite slabs. Confusing...

D4: Half day of climbing on the cliff.
The bouldering sessions are over, so you start with a half day of rest.
In the afternoon, you will go to the cliff to work on a route. Otherwise, you can climb on sight for those who want to.

D5: Pleasure climbing.
This is the last chance to make the cross!
Workcamps and/or on sight climbing, always under the watchful eye of your coach.
And always, and above all, we are looking for pleasure in climbing, which is the biggest engine of progress!

Every day, we re-evaluate the objectives and the program of the next day together, in order to choose the adequate site.

The price includes

  • Supervision by the mountain guide.
  • Loan of all technical equipment (ropes, quickdraws, etc.).
  • Transport between the meeting points and the climbing sites can be done by carpooling.

The price does not include

  • Accommodation costs.
  • Food.
  • Drinks.
  • Transport to and from the meeting point in Eygliers, near the Mont-Dauphin train station, one hour drive from Gap and 30 minutes from Briançon.
  • Anything not mentioned in "The price includes".


  • The choice of your accommodation is free.
  • There are many solutions according to your desires and your budget: lodge, bed and breakfast, hotel and camp site.
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