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Partnership with Voyagez facile

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DirectMountain is a partner of Voyagez facile, a travel coaching agency.

Yesterday, we never imagined not going through a travel agency to book our trips. We even bought our train tickets at the station, not via a few clicks on a smartphone.

Nowadays, while agencies are still popular with some people, others are becoming masters of organisation and spend hours building their trip programme on the internet. Cheaper, tailor-made... the advantages are considerable, but it remains a time-consuming activity that requires a real personal investment.

A third option is now possible, a sort of middle ground: travel coaching. This is what Voyagez Facile offers you.

Voyagez Facile does not sell or propose a trip, but accompanies you in the planning of your stay or your tour by doing all the internet research concerning transport, accommodation, activities to do on the spot and administrative formalities.

At the end of this research, you will receive a complete travel diary and you will be able to book the recommended services directly. Unlike an agency, no commission is charged on the services. The fee for the service is fixed (from €35 to €95 depending on the type of trip) and corresponds to the estimated working time.

Indeed, the founder of Voyagez Facile considers that it takes her the same amount of time to look for a 4* hotel or a youth hostel. There is therefore no reason to take a higher commission in the first case than in the second. And the rates are the same whether the trip is for one or five people...

Through this partnership, DirectMountain becomes the privileged interlocutor of Voyagez facile for the organization of trekking and mountain activities in France and throughout the world.

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