Yoga and nature course (Savoie)

Duration : 3 days

France, Northern Alps

Level : intermediate

from 370 € / p. from 6 to 14 persons

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We all know the pleasure of walking, of exploring the great lanscapes of the mountains, of marveling at a grandiose panorama, in front of a breathtaking light. No need to run to the end of the world when we have treasures so close. We just have to open our eyes to discover wonders, a dewdrop in the morning moss, a glint of sunlight vibrating between two leaves, an ocean of fog like a sea... Beyond the look, there is the perception of the magic of the place. We are used to observe nature with our senses. Have you ever wondered what is beyond the senses?

This is the idea of this path that I propose to explore. This experience will take you on mountain routes accompanied by a guide, while opening you to another perception of things through yoga practices. Kundalini yoga (kriyas, pranayama, active meditations, mantra chanting) will open you to your sense of intuition. It will bring you a deeper listening supported by the pure energy of nature. The work of yoga will open you to a fine perception of the magical world that surrounds you to discover that you are in symbiosis with it, with the consciousness of "mother nature". You will be guided, surrounded with all the benevolence that I can lavish on you. I will allow you to unroll this thread of nature in front of us to better touch the invisible.

The conditions of the workshop are designed to allow you to spend as much time as possible immersed in nature in the best possible conditions. In this sense, I propose a nomadic stay with bivouacs for the night, meals and privileged places for the yoga practices. This in order to stay in contact with nature night and day, to find comfort in the discomfort and to taste more intensely the magic of the place. And by the intensity of the situation, to tighten the bonds of the group in the conviviality of the moment.

What does yoga bring to hiking? There is already a contemplative aspect to hiking that takes us to states of pleasure. Yoga opens the door to more subtle perceptions that will lead us to states of modified consciousness. The alchemy of these two aspects can help us open our eyes and see the world. It is an experience that promises to be intense.

This workshop takes place in Savoie, in the north of the Belledonne massif. It requires the ability to walk for 7 to 8 kilometers on marked mountain trails with altitude differences up to 600 meters.

360€ per person is the price applied if there are between 12 and 14 participants. If there are less than 12 persons, the association will propose new registration conditions to each person. If the stay is cancelled due to a lack of participants, the persons already registered will be informed at the latest 21 days before the stay and will be fully reimbursed (see special conditions of the registration form).

I also propose during summer other stays such as the Lauzière tour or a hiking and yoga escapade in the Belledonne massif in Savoie.


D1: welcome and first hike at Grand Chat.

  • 8.30am: Welcome at the yayla of Rochebrune.
  • Presentation of the program and the conduct of the course.
  • Yoga practice (group harmonization).
  • Lunch at the yayla.
  • Transfer to La Jasse.
  • Afternoon: walking up to the summit of the Grand Chat.
  • Practice all along the hike and especially at sunset.
  • Dinner and night at the chalet de la Jasse.
  • Positive and negative altitude differences: 600 meters, distance: 8km.

D2: Hike to the Rochebrune battery.

  • 5.30am: Morning practice at the camp then breakfast.
  • Hike to the Grand Leyat peat bog and practice along the way.
  • Return to La Jasse for lunch.
  • Afternoon: Transfer by minibus to the Grand Cucheron pass.
  • Hike on the ridges, up to the Rochebrune battery.
  • Practice throughout the hike.
  • Dinner and night at the Rochebrune Battery.
  • D+: 450m, D-: 100m, distance : 6km.

D3: Hiking and yoga.

  • 5.30am: Sadhana practice then breakfast.
  • Descent to the Yayla passing by the sources of the Gelon and the peat bog.
  • Lunch at Yayla or at the Champlaurent pass.
  • Afternoon: practice under the big ash tree, then pack up, reintegrate the equipment and leave at 5pm.
  • D+: 100m, D-: 600m, distance : 7.5km.

In case of bad weather, a practice yurt and a yurt for overnight stays will be set up for the group. Meals can be taken in the Yayla building. The food offered will follow the principles of Ayurvedic nutrition.

The price includes

  • Supervision of the hikes by the mountain leader.
  • Supervision of yoga by a teacher from Ananda Mahi yoga.
  • Two full meals including the organization and service of meals and overnight stay in unguarded huts.
  • Transfers by minibus during the course.
  • Individual accident insurance.

The price does not include

  • Transport to the meeting place, about 30 minutes drive from Chambéry or Albertville.
  • First lunch.
  • Drinks.
  • Anything not mentioned in "The price includes".


  • D1 : chalet de la Jasse.
  • D2: Rochebrune battery.

The accommodations are typical non-guarded refuges.

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