"Trad climbing" course in the Caroux Massif

Duration : 3 days

France, Occitania

Level : from intermediate to advanced

from 160 € / p. from 1 to 5 persons

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Two days course of "Trad Climbing" in the Caroux massif.

Initiation or perfecting "trad" climbing techniques on cliffs suitable for setting up trad gear and crack climbing.

Do you know how to set up stoppers and friends, install an anchor using three removable gears? Perhaps you are preparing for a rock climbing trip on cliffs that are harder than those you are accustomed to? "Trad" rock climbing demands specific techniques and more complex mental discipline than regular sport climbing.

Classes are organized around two full days. Follow them for initiation, or improvement in "trad" rock climbing on terrain adapted to the positioning of stoppers and cams and in the technical aspects of crack climbing.

The Caroux is unique in the area with gneiss rock that is similar to chamoniard granite. The stunning gorges and mountain landscape of this particular area are a guaranteed change of scenery and open air experience.


The first day is for trad basics, putting into practice the main techniques for adventure terrain and long climbing routes.

The second day aims first to improve the level of skill in order to then climb an appropriate route amongst the many possibilities that the Caroux offers

  • Use of "trad" climbing gear: cams, nuts, etc
  • Setting up trad anchors (belays with trad climbing gear)
  • Development of specific techniques and strategies.
  • Improvement in crack climbing techniques (stoppers, nuts, etc.)
  • Belaying and falling training
Number of people 2 3 4 & +
Price per person 160€ 180€ 160€

The price includes

  • Supervision by the rock climbing instructor
  • All the group equipment
  • All the "trad" equipment
  • A personal follow up

The price does not include

  • Transport
  • Accommodation
  • Meal


There are various possibilities for accommodation in the area (camping sites, holiday lets etc). Please get in touch with me for more information.

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