Hiking, Nature & Reliance on Life on Brehat Island

Duration : 4 days

France, Brittany

Level : easy, positive elevation < 300m / day

from 250 € / p. from 4 to 8 persons

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The island of Bréhat in Côtes-d'Armor is a beautiful place, among the most beautiful in Brittany, and highly frequented during the summer season. Yet, it contains mysterious, magical places, which can only be discovered in peace, after the departure of the last ferry making the connection with the continent. Brehat then becomes what she is. And this stay is the opportunity to discover it well, by its secret paths, its passages by the sea, to contemplate it with the different lights of the day. Take the time to "breathe".

Bréhat is an island without a car. An island that invites to calm down, to relax. Where time goes differently. It is an island located on a granite base, whose powerful energy is felt greatly. An island surrounded by the Channel, whose tidal coefficients are among the highest in France (more than 10 meters difference between low and high tides). An island whose vegetation is exceptional for its location: there are agapanthus, hydrangeas, palm, banana, mimosa. The mild climate allows its plants to develop in a grand way ... a marvel to contemplate, especially in this season (late May) when they are at their peak.

This trip is an invitation to take care of you, to enter into a gentle reliance with nature and its elements so present in this place. An invitation to walk, to focus on oneself, to touch the essentials.

This time is a parenthesis for oneself, to combine the discovery of a place of our beautiful Earth that deserves the detour, to take time for oneself, to walk in full consciousness, to practice daily different approaches to connect to oneself, to everything.


D1: Appointment at the Bourg - center of the island - at 9am for a meeting time all together. Then we will start towards the southeastern part of the island. A day of gentle walk towards Guérzido, the peninsula of Arcouest and the coastal path to the south of it. Discovery of castles and old forts, crepes (optional) from Potinière, bays mooring. Picnic to plan for lunch.

D2: Appointment at Bourg for a day dedicated to the walk of full consciousness in the southwestern part of the Island. You will discover the glassworks of Bréhat where still work glassblowers in the traditional way, the different old departures of the lifeboats, the mill of Birlot, the chapel Saint Michel, the cross of Maudez. A day in 2 steps, with morning walk and sunset to admire its beauty, with free time in between. Picnic to plan for lunch.

D3: Appointment at the Bourg. We are changing our island today, to move to the northern part. With the meeting of the moor, the chapel of Kéranrou, creeks suitable for wild swimming, Renan's chair, the old salt marsh, the lighthouse of the Peacock. Picnic to plan for lunch.

D4: Appointment at the Bourg. We end the immersion in the most natural side of Bréhat, its northeast coast. On the program: labyrinth of giant ferns, former chapel of lepers, coastal path with feet in the beach, mill North. Picnic to plan for lunch.
Separation at 5pm for those who will take the 6pm ferry to return to the continent.

The price includes

  • Supervision by the mountain guide who has known the island for more than 40 years.

The price does not include

  • Accommodation.
  • Transportation to get there.
  • Meal expenses.
  • Anything not mentioned in "The price includes".


  • At your convenience.
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