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Partnership with Kamak expeditions


DirectMountain is a partner of Kamak expéditions.

Kamak is a 24-meter long polar exploration yacht with great sailing and motoring qualities, but also a high level of safety and comfort. Kamak is equipped to act as a floating and itinerant base camp for ski-mountaineering, hiking, sea kayaking, scuba diving, fishing, wildlife observation, astrophotography... It can go to any sea, cold or warm, and can accommodate up to 10 people in addition to the crew.

Under the impulse of Jean Boucher, a mountain guide, the Kamak project was born out of the fascination for the southern and boreal regions of a group of skier-mountaineers who have explored the Arctic and Antarctic environment on board numerous boats for over 15 years. A group of experienced sailors who are well versed in high latitudes have joined the project to ensure that you can navigate in the safest possible conditions. Also, a sailor-cook prepares hearty and comforting meals, with particular attention paid to the quality of the food.

At present, all this experience is at the service of professionals (mountain guides, mountain leaders) but also of everyone to organise and experience expeditions in the best conditions. You can join an expedition organised by a guide, or hire the boat directly with your family and friends! Among the destinations regularly visited by the Kamak boat are Greenland, Spitzbergen, Norway, Iceland, etc.

Visit the Kamak expéditions website for more information, and follow Kamak on facebook.

And also find on DirectMountain the organized trips aboard Kamak.

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