Yannick BOUYSSOU - Climbing instructor fr


Climbing instructor
Activities :
  • Rock climbing
  • Via ferrata
France / Occitania
Tarn, Mouzieys-Panens

I've been a professional climbing instructor for twenty years now, and hold a state diploma from the Fédération Française de la Montagne et de l'Escalade (FFME). I'm a member of the Syndicat des Moniteurs Professionnels d'Escalade et de Canyonisme (SNAPEC), and approved by the French Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Ministry of Education.

After university training as a physical education teacher, I specialized in my passion: climbing. I worked for 5 years for the federation's Tarn committee, where I gained a wealth of experience in training and coaching.

Passionate about education, I continued my personal training and opened myself up to "new pedagogies", "relational education" and personal development techniques. I am trained in Non Violent Communication (NVC) and the Person Centered Approach (PCA-Rogers).

Teaching climbing is therefore also an opportunity to participate in personal and relationship development.
I'm passionate about nature, and enjoy offering my services in places I know well, where I can showcase the flora and fauna (and the most beautiful routes).

I offer professional coaching that adapts to your needs:

  • the will to practice a sport that is both natural and original,
  • the desire for adventure and challenge, or the search for serenity and wilderness,
  • a willpower to improve your skills or to learn new ones,
  • the organization of sensational workshops during an event,
  • enriching an educational or therapeutic project.

The variety of practice sites and my experience enable me to offer my services to a wide range of climbers:

  • from beginners to experienced climbers,
  • from regular sportsmen and women to people with disabilities,
  • from young children aged 4/5 to senior citizens,
  • for individuals or groups,
  • for a single session, a day or a multi-day course.

My preferred practice sites are the Aveyron gorges in the Tarn and Tarn-et-Garonne departments (a dozen cliffs around Saint-Antonin-Noble-Val, the Roc d'Anglars via ferrata, etc.) and the Viaur valley in the Aveyron department, with the Roc du Gorb cliff and via ferrata in Bor-et-Bar.

Details of my teaching approach:

  • Although the sessions are essentially group-based, I strive to offer each individual the activity or level that suits him or her, without prejudice. Sessions are built around progressive learning situations, often involving play or sensations.
  • My guidance encourages learning, self-discovery, self-confidence and contact with nature. What a lot of memories to have in the body and the eyes ;-)

Don't hesitate to contact me for more information, and I look forward to sharing my passion and services with you.

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