Fasting and conscious walking in Vanoise (Savoie)

Duration : 8 days

France, Northern Alps

Level : easy, positive elevation below 500m / day

from 450 € / p. from 1 to 6 persons

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This week of fasting and conscious walking in the Vanoise National Park in Savoie is the opportunity to:

  • Discover your physical potential without solid food.
  • Do a great cleaning, and bring to your body a time of rest, healing.
  • Give you a health guarantee for many years by offering your organs the ability to regenerate, recharge and be better able to function at best.

For everyone, fasting is one way, among others, to afford a tool of transformation beyond his reticence, his fears. To dare to do this experience is to free yourself from great fears and to touch through experience what you are truly capable of, what your body is capable of when you let space for this. Live by sensations the possibility of practicing soft physical activities, such as walking, without feeding.

I propose you to feel healthy without eating, to feel light, fully alive and full of energy, because the fast lived in a gentle and attentive way brings only the best.


D1: climb to the cottage that will be our place of life during this period of fasting. Approximately 1 hour walk for 150 meters of positive elevation. We settle in the evening and this vigil marks the beginning of the fast by taking a broth of vegetables.

D2: meeting and exchange time. We will meet each one. In particular, we will take advantage of this first day to prepare our body, to clean it. To do this, we will use the gentle method of drinking a large amount of fluid while practicing gentle yoga movements, to allow the intestines to clean their walls. This method avoids inconvenience and better hygiene. This care of the intestines will be repeated twice during the week, but more gently, the body has not absorbed food. We will follow on gentle hikes and a return to calm, warm, the evening!

Then the days take place as follows:

  • Wake up at 7am, first hot drink. Then body warm up with a dynamizing practice, that will change over the days.
  • At 9am, departure for the walk, interspersed with breaks and naps!
  • Back to the cottage, quiet time to rest, and focus on our personal well-being: showers, sauna, jacuzzi at your disposal! But also reading, writing, nap ...
  • At 5pm, we take the broth together. At 5.30pm, we will have a time of exchanges on the experience of the day, the problems ...
  • At 6.30pm, we will continue our discussion around good and hot herbal teas.
  • And at 8pm, rest.

The price includes

  • Catering (in the form of juice, herbal teas) during fasting.
  • Food recovery meals.
  • Supervision of hikes by the mountain guide.
  • Personalized accompaniment before and after the fasting week.
  • The morning muscular warm up.

The price does not include

  • Transport to the departure point.
  • Accomodation: from 240€ per person.


Next departures :

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Infos & Booking