Ski touring: Arcalod tour (Bauges massif)

Duration : 2 days

France, Northern Alps

Level : positive altitude difference: 1300 to 1700m per day, steep slopes, for good skier

from 200 € / p. from 1 to 4 persons

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The "Pointe d'Arcalod" is the highest point in the Bauges massif, at 2210 meters. It's rarely possible to ski its eastern face, as the time of good conditions is very short and the slope steep (45° below the summit). But it does offer another opportunity, just as beautiful, to see it in all its beauty and from all its angles: that of making the tour.

There's nothing new about this option, which can easily be done in a single day, usually starting from Précherel. It's a beautiful day, with a positive altitude difference around 2000 meters.

This tour of the Arcalod allows you to enjoy good skiing on beautiful slopes, with a smaller vertical drop. And don't forget the exceptional overnight stay, in a small chalet lost in the middle of the forest, entirely privatized and managed according to a 100% sustainable process (no electricity, no gas or oil combustion). But with a wood-burning stove for warming up, cooking and enjoying an evening of simplicity. Far from luxury, you'll enjoy a little interlude that brings us back to basics, to simple gestures. The very thing that brings us closer to ourselves, to who we really are, to living close to and with Nature.

If you'd like to continue your discovery of this beautiful, little-known massif, I propose, conditions permitting, a beautiful day of powder ski touring in the Bauges. You can also follow me for a two-day weekend with a night in the forest in the heart of the Bauges, or a ski touring traverse of the Upper Bauges.


D1: Crossing the Petite Sambuy.
Meet at 7am at the former Sambuy ski resort, closed since September 2023.
Depending on the group's level and interests, 2 options are available:

  • Climb the old ski slopes, then extend the ascent to the summit of Petite Sambuy (2107m). From here we take the "Banc à Lingual", a north-facing slope with a 35° gradient, to arrive below the chalet of Aulp de Seythenex. From here, after putting on our skins, we climb up the Chaurionde ridge to the passage giving access to the "Bauges dedans" slope. Positive altitude difference: 1250 meters.
  • Climb the forest track to reach the Aulp de Seythenex chalet, then the passage as before. D+: 750m.

This is followed by a gentle descent, passing close to the Orgeval chalets, for some south-facing skiing pleasure! The descent ends at 1500 meters, where we put our skins back on to reach the Mont de la Coche (2070m) 570 meters higher. From here, we embark on a final, beautiful descent down its south-west face (35° slopes), until we reach Chargieu and the chalet for the evening and night.

D2: Crossing and return to La Sambuy resort.
We start early, having left the place even more welcoming than when we arrived (one of the basic rules in these precious places!). We climb towards the Plan de la Limace. The first 700-meter climb takes us into a secret passage, where we can later put our skins back on, our eyes shining with pleasure at the descent.
The second ascent takes us to the "Bonnet de Chérel", not named on the map, but a pretty, atypical summit, culminating at 1979 meters (D+: 600m).
A short descent brings us to the ruins of the Curtillet chalet, and an equally short ascent (150m) brings us to the eponymous col, before enjoying another beautiful, rarely-used descent, east oriented, which drops us off at the bottom of the Saint-Ruph valley after more memorable skiing in the forest!
We return to the parking lot either on skis, on foot, by cab or by hitchhiking.
The day comes to an end at around 3pm with a drink, then everyone goes their separate ways.

The price includes

  • Supervision by the mountain guide ,specialist of the Bauges massif.
  • Loan of avalanche beacon if needed.
  • Preparation of accommodation.

The price does not include

  • Travel costs to the Sambuy resort, about an hour's drive from Annecy or Chambéry.
  • Accommodation costs (30€ per person for half-board).
  • Picnics.
  • Drinks.
  • Anything not mentioned in "The price includes".


  • Rustic chalet in the heart of the forest, bivouac style.
  • No water or electricity.
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