Mont Blanc ski touring

Duration : 2 days

France, Northern Alps

Level : slopes till 40°, all snows, positive elevation between 1500 and 1800m

from 1100 € / p. from 1 to 2 persons

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Mont Blanc is THE coveted desired, envisioned, dreamed by many mountaineers and skiers.

Depending on the route, the outing can be easy or, on the contrary, extremely difficult. Also, but above all, remains the descent, once the summit reached! Whatever the option chosen for this one, it is still a great energy that is asked for to reach the valley, its relatives, the Life below...

Climbing Mont Blanc on touring skis has the immense advantage of transforming a rather ennoying part of this adventure - the descent by foot - into a moment of pleasure. Today, thanks to its "skiability" and its lightness, the touring ski becomes an ally to avoid a tedious descent.

Thus, following the "mountaineering" part of the climb, follows the ski, the powder (sometimes), the turns, and in any case the easy glide for a quick and fun descent!

Climb by foot or ski? Today, for a hiking skier wishing to touch this summit, the question does not arise. The advantages of the winter version supplants the few disadvantages (carry, weight, cold, etc.).

The level of skiing is not extreme: 4.1 E2 in the new rates of ski touring. It means slopes up to 35° on the way down.

However, the day is long and requires endurance. Being able to walk 6 hours in altitude is necessary, which requires some training to fully enjoy it!

If you're looking for other great experiences in this activity, you can follow me on the reinvented Zermatt-Chamonix Haute Route or in New Zealand's Mount Cook Park.


Here are the 2 options that I propose to you for this adventure:

A / The "Grands Mulets" route:


  • We take the Aiguille du Midi cable car to the Plan de l'Aiguille (2200m).
  • From here, we go up to the refuge of Grand Mulets located at 3651 meters high, through the famous glacier of the Junction, meeting point of the Bossons and Taconnaz glaciers.
  • Night at the refuge of Grands Mulets.
  • Positive altitude difference: 1460 meters.


  • Departure around 3am, to be on the top at the right time, when the snow softens a little, then offering a good ski.
  • We begin our climb of the day by the Dôme du Gouter. The climb by the historic route (Small and Large Plateaux) presents today risks of permanent falls of seracs, making it disadvised.
  • After a skiing approach, we finish the ridge of the Dome with crampons generally, skis on the bag.
  • Then, from the Dome to the ridge of the Bosses, we use skis again.
  • We use our crampons again for the last part of the ridge that leads to the summit!
  • Then we are going downhill. From top of Mont Blanc, the descent begins on the opposite ridge to the Rochers Rouges.
  • From here, we ski in the north face, impressive from afar but which skis well, sometimes even very well!
  • We continue by the Big and Large Plateaux.
  • Back to the refuge then to the Plan de l'Aiguille.
  • D+: 1800m.

B / The 3 Monts route:


  • We climb to the top of the Aiguille du Midi (3848m) by its cable car.
  • After enjoying the point of view on what awaits us for the next day, we go down the Aiguille Ridge. It is equipped at the beginning of the season with fixed ropes, then not, which requires that roping and crampons.
  • We will make a brief ski downhill depositing us on the plateau of the Col du Midi.
  • From here, for a distance of 50m, we  reach the refuge of Cosmiques (3545m), place of our evening.
  • Night at the refuge.
  • D+: 60m.


  • Departure around 4am.
  • We start with the pleasure of a descent to the Col du Midi.
  • First climb, half ski, the other with crampons to the shoulder of the Tacul (4050m).
  • Second climb to a second shoulder, that of the Maudit (4345m).
  • There, it is with crampons that we cross to the Brenva Pass (4303m).
  • We put the skis on and come out on the top. The descent then begins on the ridge to the Red Rocks.
  • From therewe ski north face, like option A.
  • We continue therefore to the Large and Small Plateaux, which lead to the refuge of Grands Mulets.
  • From the refuge, we join the Plan de l'Aiguille.
  • D+: 1580m.

The price includes

  • Supervision by the mountain guide.
  • Loan of equipment (harness, avalanche beacon, shovel, probe).
  • Transport from Geneva or Annecy to Chamonix.

The price does not include

  • Half-board in the refuge.
  • Skipass if needed.
  • Snacks.
  • Drinks.
  • Anything not mentioned in "The price includes".


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