Mountaineering autonomy course, Mont Blanc objective

Duration : 8 days

France, Northern Alps

Level : from beginner to confirmed

from 1600 € / p. from 1 to 2 persons

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Being 100% actor of his ascent to Mont Blanc:

Like many, this summit, the Mont Blanc fascinates or attracts you. It motivates you to go forward, and you would like to touch its top! With a mountain guide maybe. And what about becoming yourself an actor and creator of YOUR adventure.

This training is intended for those wishing to invest in learning the tools necessary for mountaineering. It is part of the long term, on an alternation of learning time together, and time for self-implementation on your side. To truly become aware of the risks and ways to preserve them. To then consider attempting your ascent to the highest peak of the Alps (and not Europe, as Elbrus in the Caucasus is higher [5642m]!).

Thus during the 4 modules of 2 successive days, you will acquire the necessary tools to feel able to dare to go autonomously towards the Mont Blanc: learning the technical but also safety bases to evolve on a glacier or rocky terrain, rescue handlings (fall in crevasse, hauling ...), understanding of the many possible roping up and their appropriate use ...

It is essential to be in very good physical shape. We will prepare your climbing project together, considering the best options. You remain the ultimate decision maker and you are the ones who commit to the ascension and are responsible for it.


Module #1 / 2 days: Basics on snow and ice.
During these first two days of training, you will learn the techniques of cramponing and roping. We will do an easy level mountaineering outing to test your physical abilities and your state of mind in this universe. While implementing the achievements.
Night at the Albert 1st refuge.

Module #2 / 2 days: Glacier safety.
This second training session will be dedicated to the discovery and practice of crevasse rescue techniques. In order to prepare you better, we will implement in real situation.
Night at the Cosmiques refuge.

Module #3 / 2 days: Roping techniques.
During this third training session, we will see everything related to the use of the rope depending on the terrain. Is it necessary to have a long rope or a short rope? For what reasons? How to make bust rings? At the end of this session, you will answer all these questions.
Night at the Tré la Tête refuge.

Module #4 / 2 days: Real life situation, autonomous outing.
This fourth and final training session will be an opportunity to implement everything you learned during the course. You will do a mountaineering outing from the beginning to the end in autonomy. You who will choose the route. During this outing, I will only supervise you: I will be at your side to correct you, advise you and give you an opinion on implemented skills.

These 2-day modules must be spaced apart to give you the time to integrate the tools, to get to know them and to really be able to put them into practice.

The price includes

  • Supervision by the mountain guide.

The price does not include

  • Full board in huts for you and for the mountain guide.
  • Skipass for you and for the mountain guide.
  • Loan of mountaineering equipment.
  • Transports.
  • Anything not mentioned in "The price includes".


  • In mountain huts.
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