Bauges' skyline: crossing the 2000m peaks

Duration : 4 days

France, Northern Alps

Level : positive elevation of 2500m per day, experienced level

from 460 € / p. from 1 to 4 persons

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Between Savoie and Haute-Savoie departements, the Skyline of the Bauges is a beautiful route between earth and sky, aiming to climb 12 of the 14 peaks over 2000 meters in the Bauges massif, in sports walking, trail or alpine hiking mode. Those are different terms for the same objective: to have fun together in the mountains.

This new itinerary allows you to follow a 4-day route, with 3 nights in bivouac, on ridges, sections of the GR (Grande Randonnée = Great Trekking) trail, forest tracks, etc. It has been designed to be a loop, in order to limit the vehicle transfers and minimise the carbon footprint that other paths would increase.

Many passages are on narrow ridges, and it is sometimes necessary to "use your hands" for some easy climbing (grade 3). Safety will always be present as I will be there to help you get through these passages without stress, roped up if necessary. The vertiginous impression will be our companion throughout the adventure, so it is necessary to have a minimum affinity with it.

The three nights in bivouac are done in a place prepared in advance. You will not have to carry any sleeping bag, tent or anything else, just a sheet! These evenings will be a moment of connection with Nature, in simplicity, around the fire, in the silence of the forest. But with minimal comfort to recover!

This Skyline of the Bauges is a next door adventure for intense natural immersion, vertiginous journeys and great moments!


It is given as a rough guide and may change according to the weather, the group and other parameters.

D1: Arcalod, Mont de la Coche and Tré le Molard.
Meeting point at the parking of La Sambuy at 9am. Departure by a descent to join the Saint-Ruph valley, that we go up to leave it then, in order to climb the North ridge of the Arcalod (2217m), by going down by the normal way on the East face. A path leads us to the pass of the Mont de la Coche to climb this summit (2065m), and its neighbor Tré le Molard (2035m). A descent leads us to the bivouac to enjoy the end of the day. The participation of each one will be asked to organize the life of group around the camp.

D2: Pointe des Arces, Arlicots, Grand Para and Pointe d'Arclusaz.
On the program the "Fer à Cheval" of the Bauges, a long walk along the ridges between the Pointe des Arces (2076m), the Arlicots (2060m), the Grand Para (2012m), the Pointe d'Arclusaz (2041m). Return to the base camp of the day before.

D3: Trélod.
A different day, an almost round trip ascent: climb to Trélod by the secret passage of Pleuven, and descent by the waterfall. If Nature is generous, we will be able to do a free cryotherapy session before joining the bivouac.

D4: Pécloz, Pointe d'Armène, Chaurionde and Sambuy.
Last departure and goodbye to our place of life of these 3 beautiful nights. It starts with a short climb and a descent to get in shape, before the ascent of Pécloz (2197m) by its West ridge, then the Pointe d'Armène (2158m). And we continue to play tightrope walker passing the Pointe de Chamosseran, the Pointe de la Fougère, the Grand Roc also reached in an unconventional way, then Chaurionde (2173m), and to finish the Sambuy (2198m) by its South ridge. From there, we return to the world below, with an interlude at Cyril's bar!

The price includes

  • Supervision by the mountain guide.

The price does not include

  • The additional costs for preparing your bivouac.
  • Transport expenses.
  • Anything not mentioned in "The price includes".


  • Bivouac in tent.
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