Conscious and Afghan walks discovery (Haute-Savoie)

Duration : ½ day

France, Northern Alps

Level : all

from 35 € / p. from 4 to 12 persons

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Discovery day of the conscious walk and the Afghan walk in the spirit of the Walking School  of Danilo Zanin. This day takes place in Haute-Savoie, the exact place will be defined later.

Discover by the senses more than by these words what the conscious walk represents. A wonderful way to find yourself through the movement, the action. Walking is moving forward. To walk in conscience is to stop at what I do, at what I live in the moment. It is to be present. No goal to reach, summit, peak or refuge, each step being the goal.

Walking is the oldest way of moving, the most in harmony with simplicity. It leaves place for feeling more than for understanding, for questions of the mind. Here, no need to know when is the arrival, where the path goes because the invitation is in total listening to oneself. To listen to his body and to accompany him in this movement.

It promotes breathing, key to life and allows oxygenation of the entire body. Among other things, the brain which thus fed works more and offers clear, fast ideas. It brings to discover the space around us, to contemplate the generous beauty in any space of the Earth, to feel filled by this generosity, this grace.

It allows attention and therefore awareness about what I do: I walk, I breathe, I touch the ground gently. A way of being that I can, back in everyday life, transcribe in every act of my life. It is an apprenticeship to find my values, my talents, to find myself.

  • These days do not exceed 6 hours, with many explanatory breaks, rest and contemplation.
  • The positive elevation is 600 meters maximum. It's accessible to all, no level being required.
  • The routes are either of medium or high mountain according to the theme.
  • In all cases, safety is never neglected and everyone is respected and accompanied according to his / her apprehensions.


During this day, depending on what we encounter as terrain (ascent, descent, flat), we successively approach:

  • How to breathe and why this way? Which advantages? Which functions?
  • How to walk with softness and lightness on the Earth?
  • How to use your body properly: foot laying, movement of the pelvis, shoulders and backpack.
  • What to do very effectively with your eyes, your hands, your arms.
  • How to approach the descent that scares or hurts the thighs.
  • How to practice the Afghan walk, tools brought back from Afghanistan, which makes it possible to walk very long distances without effort, or even to regenerate?
  • How to use hiking poles.

The price includes

  • Supervision by the mountain guide.
  • Teaching by a professional of the Art of Walking.

The price does not include

  • Transport to the meeting point.
  • Picnic.
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