Ski touring internship in the Aosta valley

Duration : 4 days

Italy, Alps

Level : having done a beginner's course

from 400 € / p. from 3 to 6 persons

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Go for 4 days of ski touring around the city of Aosta in Italy, for medium length outings but very formative for those who want to establish their basic knowledge in this activity.

The main objectives are to improve the basic techniques of progression in ski touring and off-piste skiing both on the ascent (use of skins, walking technique, ski sliding, turns, conversions, etc.) and the descent (slides, turns, turns with basic opening, etc.) and to discuss with the mountain guide concerning the choice of the route, the passage, etc.


D1: Deepening of off-piste downhill techniques.
Meet at 8.30am at the planned location. You will ski the classic off-piste of the Courmayeur ski area where you can apply the techniques learned in the previous level courses. Skiing on open slopes, more or less steep couloir. It is a busy day to see the level acquired and to give new indications to improve it. Around 4pm conclusion of the day and introduction to risk management. Programming of the next day.

D2: Transfer to the Rhêmes valley, to the village of Rhêmes-Notre-Dame (1725m) and climb to Col Gollien (2560m) for an upgrade.
Meet at 8am. In the afternoon, preparation of  the next day.
Duration: 4 to 5h, ascent: 830m, descent: 830m.

D3: Transfer to the village of Arpy (1674m) and climb to the top of Punta Croce (2480m).
Meet at 8am. Today I will help you to better analyze the evolution as a group (track, distances, inclination, etc.) and we will compare the information from the snow reports with what is actually observed in the field. In the afternoon, return to the hotel where you will prepare  the next day's outing.
Duration: 4 to 5h, ascent: 800m, descent: 800m.

D4: Transfer to the village of Vetan (1750m), then climb through the pastures to the top of Pointe Leysser (2771m).
Meet at 8am. You will continue to approach the techniques of ascent and descent, group evolution and comparison of information from snow reports and observed in the field, in turn. Around 4pm, at the end of the day, we will make an assessment of the course.
Duration: 4.30 to 5h, ascent: 1000m, descent: 1000m.

Course aim:

  • Learn of the techniques necessary for classical progression in ski touring uphill.
  • Learn of the techniques necessary for the classic off-piste downhill progression.
  • Deepening of techniques for using avalanche transceivers.
  • Introduction to risk management in the winter mountains.

The price includes

  • Supervision by the mountain guide.
  • Rescue Insurance.

The price does not include

  • Anything not mentioned in "The price includes".


  • Up to you.
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