Ski-mountaineering and animal watching in Spitsbergen

Duration : 10 days

Norway, Svalbard

Level : confirmed

from 4900 € / p. from 6 to 10 persons

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I propose you to go exploring, skiing, the enormous potential that offer the western coasts of the island of Spitsbergen.

This island, located at an average latitude of 80° North (only 1100 km from the North Pole!) is the northernmost land accessible by boat, and it is also the kingdom of the polar bear. Skiing in the midnight sun is an unusual experience ...

From May, the compromise is ideal between ease of access to the mountains, thanks to the sea ice, and snow quality, often powdery above 200 meters of altitude.

Having already made several expeditions of the same style on the north and west coasts of this island, this is where I propose to continue exploring and to ski the secret jewels that I discovered and which obviously do not appear in any guide book...

Spitsbergen is naturally conducive to mountain skiing in all its forms. Relatively flat and slightly crevassed glaciers that flow slowly, sharp peaks streaked with corridors where even the most demanding skiers will be able to express themselves, large expanses snaking between the mountains offering access of choice.

Located on the entire coastline, fjords are ancient glacial valleys that the sea has filled and few countries have the privilege of combining these two natural environments in such a picturesque way. Spitsbergen offers breathtaking panoramas, gigantic glaciers plunging into the sea, steep mountains, but also flowering plains and welcoming tundras.

The island is also home to a very diverse Arctic fauna that can be observed at times: polar bears, bearded seals, walruses, reindeer, polar foxes, whales (beluga and minke whale), as well as many birds: eiders Common Terns, Arctic Terns, Puffins, Guillemots, Mergulae, Sparrows, Geese, Ivory Gulls, Phalaropes ...

Departing from Longyearbyen, Kamak will take you to the western then south parts of Spitsbergen. This little-explored region is almost virgin, tourism very infrequent and anecdotal. Many different routes are possible for all levels: loops, circuits, fjord crossings, and since the glaciers do not present any particular complication, almost everything is possible.


On this boat I also propose other trips :


D1: Flight from France to Oslo and Longyearbyen.
Boarding the boat anchored at the port and first night aboard. Bear and security briefing, then navigation to a nice anchorage.

D2 to D10: Ski touring.
Sailing south with a first stop in the Belsund Fjord with the still intact remains of the whaling era and its huge glaciers in surge. Then sail to the heart of the Horsund Fjord, visit of the Polish base and daily skitouring of an incredible variety... Navigation back to Longyearbyen and visit if demand of the Russian and typical village Barentsburg.

D11: Return flight Longyearbyen - Oslo - France, the head full of beautiful images...

The price includes

  • Supervision and preparation of the trip by the mountain guide.
  • All expenses related to the use of the boat: fuel, port taxes, etc.
  • Hearty and quality food (full board), wine and drinks included.
  • Collective security equipment.
  • Radios and two iridium phones for security.

The price does not include

  • Return flights to Longyearbyen.
  • Taxis to get to meeting places.
  • Potential airport fees.
  • Excess baggage taxes.
  • Personal cancellation insurance and repatriation assistance.
  • Personal communications with satellite phones except in case of emergency.


  • On Kamak boat, a 24 meter sailing boat with great sailing and motor qualities, safety and comfort.
  • It is equipped to be used as an itinerant base camp for ski-mountaineering, hiking, sea kayaking, diving, fishing, wildlife observation, astrophotography, etc.
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