Rock climbing multi pitch route course (Jonte gorges)

Duration : 3 days

France, Occitania

Level : 5b minimum

from 300 € / p. from 3 to 4 persons

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This 3-day multi pitch climbing route course takes place in the gorges of the Tarn and Jonte, in the heart of the Causses and Cévennes.

The objective is to teach to the trainees the basic knowledge to evolve in safety on multi pitch route, with or without abseiling, and with a group of 2 or 3 climbers. Without forgetting the pleasure of climbing beautiful long routes in the Jonte gorges!

This course is aimed at climbers with a level of 5b cliff climbing or more. Depending on the level of practice of the participants, the objectives can be enriched.

For reasons of safety and quality of learning, the number of participants is limited to 4 people per instructor. The course is maintained from 3 people.

If you have less time, I also propose a day in the Jonte gorges to go towards autonomy in multi pitch route climbing or the ascent of longer multi pitch routes.


The welcome of the participants takes place on Friday at 9am in the village of Le Rozier, at the entrance of the Jonte gorges. The first day will be on the cliff, on 1 pitch routes in order to learn the techniques necessary for the multi pitch routes and check the level of each participant. The next two days will take place on multi pitch routes.


  • Discovery of the equipment specific to multi pitch routes.
  • The self-belayed abseiling descent: presentation of the abseiling ropes and the installation of self-locking knots (Machar, French, etc.)
  • Climbing multi pitch routes:
    • Information gathering (guide books, weather, access, etc.).
    • Communication between climbers.
    • Building a belay (triangulation, distribution of forces, shock force, fall factor, etc.)
    • Belaying and climbing safely.
    • Tips and tricks (rope management, anticipating the next pitch, rubbing, pulling).
    • Help for the one climbing top rope.
  • Emergency descent (turning back on the pitch route): useful equipment, handlings on the cliff and self-belay on the descent.
  • Safety: accidentology, managing an accident, assistance to the injured person (leader or relay), first aid.


  • The instructor has professional civil liability insurance.
  • Participants must have a civil liability insurance and it is advisable to take out a personal accident insurance for climbing in natural environments.


  • The equipment necessary for the activity will be lent to you except climbing shoes (exceptions possible depending on the stock).
  • Each participant with his/her own equipment can use it as long as it complies with the standards in force.
  • Remember to come equipped: sneakers, backpack, water. And depending on the weather: rain jacket, sun cream, etc.

The price includes

  • Supervision by the climbing instructor.
  • Equipment specific to the activity, recent, regularly checked and in conformity with the requirements of French and European standards. Climbing shoes can be lent occasionally depending on the stock.
  • Transport from the village of Le Rozier to the practice sites.

The price does not include

  • Transport, food, accommodation and drinks.
  • Civil liability and individual accident insurance for the practice of climbing and related disciplines (if you are not already covered by your insurance, you can take out additional insurance with the FFME, FFCAM, etc.).
  • Anything not mentioned in "The price includes".


  • There are several gîtes or campsites in the village of Le Rozier, the ideal place to access the climbing sites of the Tarn and Jonte gorges.
  • Several shops are available: grocery shop, bakery, bar, restaurant and cash dispenser.
  • Trainees plan a picnic for lunch, shopping can be done on site.
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