“Kalymnos climbing experience”

Fred LECONTE - Rock climbing instructor 45 years old fr en


Rock climbing instructor
Activities :
  • Rock climbing
  • Via ferrata
Dodécanèse, Kalymnos


At 40 I decided to change my life! After 15 years working in research and development on laser systems dedicated to fundamental research in the Paris region, I have transformed my way of life in search of freedom.

I continue my journey with the taste to convey the fullness of the great spaces and the verticality. logo altivouac was born from this perspective of sharing the culture and practice of outdoor climbing. Serenity, kindness and availability are the qualities appreciated by the people I support in cliffs.

My wanderings have brought me to Kalymnos and charm has operated. This fascinating island seduced me in many ways: the hospitality of its inhabitants, the mildness of its climate, the quietude of its landscapes and of course the richness of its cliffs. I now wish to share the magic of this place, it transforms the one who came to meet it.

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