“An open outlook on nature”

Rémi POZZI - Mountain leader 62 years old fr en


Mountain leader
Activities :
  • Hiking
  • Snowshoeing
France / Southern Alps
Vercors/Drôme, Crest

I invite you, throughout the year, to nature hike stays, some of which have a naturalist theme or with photographic training. Thanks to the multiple destinations and to the friendly atmosphere, you will be able to share, in hapiness and relaxation, your passion for nature, discovery and image...

My destinations on the program are multiple and varied: Southern Alps, Provence, Corsica in france, the Bardenas desert in Spain, Italian Alps, Sardinia, Tuscany and the Cinque Terre in Italy, Iceland, Lapland... The naturalistic themes deal with mountain fauna, ornithology, flora, orchids and butterflies.

Born in 1959 in the heart of the wilderness, I grew up in it with my senses awakened and nourished, far from words, by intense emotions... emotions that give me a taste for life, for the marvellous and for the mysterious. In 1999, after working during twenty years as a professional photographer, tired of a certain sedentary lifestyle, I returned, in the most intimate way, to the great outdoors, to nature. I pass the state certificate of mountain leader and develop my naturalist knowledge. The desire to transmit on is rooted in me and I choose to combine training in photography and mountain accompaniment. Initially and throughout the seasons, the landscapes, the flora and the fauna, I propose stays in the Diois (Drôme department) and in my heart's country, the Vercors massif. But I also take you, every year, to new destinations, to renew and enrich, together, our experience of the privileged natural spaces and of the mountain environment.

In addition to this program, I can also meet your personalized requests for hiking stays, nature trips or photo training for clubs, associations, individuals and groups of friends. Destination, content, physical level and type of accommodation are made according to your choices.

After so many years of passion for nature, mountains and photography, I remain, more than ever, curious about the world and people, and my pleasure to share my experience with other nature and image lovers is, each time, more exciting and lively.

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